What To Expect With Order Updates Each Week and How Updates Work

4/11/22 we started processing orders a little differently and updates will be done a little different as well. We have set a goal to ship out 6 boxes each week, this could be more or less depending on the quantity in each box but we will strive to do no less than 6 each weeks..

Monday- Wednesdays will be a major working days where we will glitter, decal and do the final coats. Thursday- Friday will be our shipping days. Thursdays will also be our day that we finish up any orders that may need to re-turned to make sure it is shipped on Friday. All labels will be printed for orders by Friday. Depending on order sizes and the time packaging takes we may require to drop off orders on a Saturday. Updates will be done Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Unfortunately I can't do daily updates and be steady working to get orders out as quick as possible. Monday updates will include: New orders listed with their box number, box number we will be working on and any other updates for that week. Wednesday updates will include: confirmation of box numbers/ order numbers that will be shipping Thursday and Friday.

Friday updates will include: Confirmation on box numbers/ order numbers that did ship and will be dropped off Saturday morning.

You will need your order number to locate which Box your order is in. Once you have located your Box # you will follow the status update for that box to know where your order is in the production process.

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