Changes coming after Renovations

I told y'all I would share some more information about changes that will be coming so here they are!! PLEASE LEAVE AN EMOJI SO WE KNOW YOU HAVE SEEN THIS!

First we will be closing the website at 11:59 pm EST on 8/5. We will not be accepting any new orders but will still be processing orders the following week. This will allow us to completely focus on getting all open orders completed before we close for renovations. With renovations I will be restructuring EVERYTHING!! Scary but very exciting!

When we asked a few weeks back about new design drops we were asked for weekly drops. We currently have over 500+ pen listings that equal to over 2000+ individual design options available for pens. We know this can be overwhelming and many of our amazing designs are being missed so to help us and y'all with things not being as overwhelming we will be limiting the number of pens we list on the website each week.

Every SUNDAY I will add around 50 pen listings (roughly 150-200 individual pen designs) to the website for y'all to run that week. We will have set listing that stay no matter what like the pencil pens and a few others but everything else we will rotate from what we already have and will throw in new ones as well.

Each week I will do a pinned post where you will be able to submit requests for the next week. This can be of pens you have seen or ordered in the past to pens designs we have never done before! So you will want to make sure you post on this to make sure we see what you want and get it in for the following weeks drop!

How will this help with TAT? Each week before the drop we will have located all the designs and have them ready to do so all we will have to do is print the decals we need vs spending hours sifting through all our designs. We will also be preglittering pens each week. So this means we will have pens that want a glitter base already glittered and waiting for a decal so when we process orders it will be mainly applying the decal, adding final epoxy coats and shipping. (Like how awesome is that! Faster TAT) Now of course we will be keeping a base amount of pens ready so if we sell more than we project the TAT will be a little longer but still so much faster than what we are at now! :)

We will do the same with sublimation tumblers as well but just on a smaller scale. We have not decided the amount of designs we will do each week but they will run the same schedule as the pens. Tumblers will be made to order but that process is much quicker!

The only items that will ALWAYS be available on the website are the Mechanical pencils and all the Office Supply items!

Changes to Custom Pen Designs: Our current custom listing for pens will change. We will ONLY have single color or ombre color pens available for customs that we will do for either schools or busines logos. We will not be having a free for all custom. Most customs we see now are a design we already have just a different color. For those customs this is where the request post will come in so we can get it added to the following weeks drop.

I know this is a drastic change but we are hoping this will only be beneficial for us as well as y'all! :)

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